Location of the project

County India

State Tamil Nadu

District Dindigul

Block Nilakottai


Mallanampatti higher secondary school & Kombaipatti Middle school &

Thamaiyan School ,Musuvanuthu

No. Of saplings planted during this project period

300 Forestry saplings & 300 Horticulture Saplings

Major Interventions made during this project period

  1. Capacity building programmes to students

    CIRHEP has organized the sensitization and capacity building trainings to the children in the targeted village with the expertise and the resource persons through interactions and group discussions based on the issues and problems exist in their area, which are as follows:

  • Need and importance of tree planting in the farm lands to prevent soil erosion , increase the soil biomass and fertility

  • Managing the saplings

  1. Tree planting

    The indigenous tree saplings from the nursery are transported to the School campus with planted by the students. Before planting activities, the students are guided to pit their land for planting with water storing trenches adjacent to the saplings to be planted. The pit for the saplings is about 1x 1x1, in which the saplings are planted by the students

  1. Students in tree planting activities

    Besides planting of saplings in the proposed area, students are also motivated to plant tree saplings in their school premises and road sides. They take care of the saplings with their own interest and participation, like watering, and replacing causalities

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