Dr Paul Henry Johnson’s first visit to India awoke a passion that would live with him for the rest of his short life.


Paul’s passion lead him to undertake several visits to Southern India where he had great respect for the work undertaken by The Centre for Improved Rural Health and Environmental Protection (CIRHEP)



CIRHEP are a registered voluntary, non–governmental organization (NGO)


"Our mission is to provide a sustainable resource that CIRHEP can use to further their mission to create a sustainable human – ecology relationship and improve the quality of rural life by striving to alleviate poverty, provide education and conserve the environment with active participation in the rural community."



"Mr Paul Johnson very much interested in Tree Planting and Environmental conservation work." - Kachandra Chandra, CIRHEP

“Dr Paul was so happy with our efforts to safeguard the enviroment around Kadavakurichi Reserve giving life to about 30,000 people" - P M Mohan Malar, CIRHEP

“Paul was a very special man. He was quite simply one of the best people I have ever had the privilege to work with.” - Dr Marcus Power friend and PhD supervisor

“Two of my colleagues at Newcastle University who told me that I simply had to meet this graduate from Northumbria University with a First in Politics and Sociology, who was now at Durham, had worked in Tamil Nadu and who was just brilliant” - Dr Cheryl McEwan friend and PhD Supervisor

 “Paul was one of the nicest people I have ever met”. Asking other postgraduates in the department what their memory of Paul was, one of the most common phrases was “a nice guy” “such a nice guy”. – Cat Button friend and PhD Researcher

"Paul was an empathetic and intelligent person who positively influenced our lives within the short period in which we knew him" - Browyn McNeil, Harold Anuta and Andrew Crossland, Rwanda Project




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